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Menu of Tanuki Kyoto Sushi

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Dinner Menu

Maki (Dinner Menu)

Sushi (Dinner Menu)

Appetizers (Dinner Menu)

Bento Box (Dinner Menu)

Tempura (Dinner Menu)

Sashimi (Dinner Menu)

Temaki/Cone (Dinner Menu)

Boats (Dinner Menu)

Other (Dinner Menu)


Udon Noodles (Dinner Menu)

Veggie Sushi (Dinner Menu)

Salad (Dinner Menu)

Donburi (Dinner Menu)

Curry (Dinner Menu)

Robata Yaki (Dinner Menu)

Lunch Menu

Maki (Lunch Menu)

Makuno Uchi Bento Box (Lunch Menu)

Appetizers (Lunch Menu)

Set Lunch

Tamaki/Cone (Lunch Menu)

Sushi/Don (Lunch Menu)

Sashimi (Lunch Menu)

Boats (Lunch Menu)

Sushi (Lunch Menu)

Donburi (Lunch Menu)

Veggie Sushi (Lunch Menu)

Dessert Menu

Drink Menu